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The Last Lecture of 2016

The Last Lecture offers graduating students an opportunity to come together and reflect upon their experiences at Trent University, bring closure to the time that they have spent here, and celebrate their many accomplishments both inside and outside of the classroom.

This annual event features an address by a graduating student, a distinguished alumna/us and a faculty member who will offer their words of inspiration to the Convocation Class. Each lecturer speaks under one theme, offering their personal reflections, stories and words of wisdom to the graduating class. The Last Lecture helps to signify the beginning of the next step on your journey.

Unlike convocation where you sit by program and alphabetical order, at the Last Lecture you may choose to sit next to the person you sat beside in your first year lecture, and that same person might be your best friend today. Gather together a group of close friends and celebrate your last Trent lecture together. 

2016 Speakers:
Opening Remarks delivered by the Dean of Arts and Science (Humanities), Dr. Moira Howes
Graduating Class – Lexie Houghton, Otonabee College
Alumni – Stephen Brown ‘86
Faculty – Dr. David Beresford, Biology and Environmental Resource Studies
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Billy K’s Grab Bag of 45’s

A short anecdote from Bill Kimball about his "Billy K's Grab Bag of 45's" show from the 1980's.  To listen to the full interview, please visit

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Jim Maxwell has been making waves in the field of Hollywood matte painting – the painted background that allows filmmakers to create the illusion of an environment that is nonexistent in real life or would otherwise be too expensive or impossible to build or visit. And he has made some very prominent ones in his career: from recreating the Vatican in The Borgias to sweeping panoramas of floating armadas in Vikings.

Maxwell has received no shortage of recognition from the entertainment industry for his work, with a nod from the Emmy Awards for The Borgias in 2012, then two more nominations for his work on Vikings in 2013 and2014. He won Canadian Screen Awards in 2014 and 2015, also for his work on Vikings.

During his time at Trent, Maxwell was a member of The Spleen Bishops – whose Celtic music stylings made them household and “pubhold” names around these parts. 

In this episode, we talk about his experience creating movie effects magic, the changing technology behind the new Star Wars movie, as well as what it’s like to attend black-tie Hollywood award shows.  We then go back in time and remember The Spleen Bishops, how Celtic music became a phenomenon in Peterborough, and the gig that broke beer sales at the legendary Underdog pub (underneath the Red Dog).

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