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The four-part series showcased the breadth of research undertaken by scholars and scientists associated with the School of the Environment, which launched in September 2015 and brings together experts from a variety of disciplines who are teaching or studying environmental topics.

"Each meeting features two short presentations, one by a scientist and one by an arts or policy person, so that every session captures a bit of the diversity of scholarship that goes on here," explains Professor Bocking, who is also chair of the Environmental and Resources Studies Program.  "It's a way for researchers at the School to gain a better understanding of what everyone else is doing and to encourage collaboration and sharing."

Trent Voices will be playing two of these events.  This is the second installment. For the first seminar (the loss of trust from green energy prospecting in Ontario, presented by Stephen Hill; approaches to improving sustainability of crop production systems in Ontario, presented by Mehdi Sharif), please see:

In this episode:

Poisoning a lake: The fate and effects of nanosilver added to a natural lake ecosystem, presented by Chris Metcalfe. Sketching a global history of ecology and environmental conservation, presented by Stephen Bocking.

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