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Alumna Jenna Pilgrim '12 is passionate about changing the way the world does business. Carving a career in the emerging cryptocurrency economy, she's a pioneer in way that people will be doing business in our not-so-distant future. She joins us on Trent Voices to explain both cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. It's an insightful insider's look at an often misunderstood business infrastructure.

Jenna is currently the Director of Business Development at Bloq Inc., a multipurpose software company building the next generation of blockchain and token infrastructure.

She is also the Cofounder and COO of Streambed Media - a new era media company supported by a blockchain tech solution - aimed at reclaiming trust in media and video production.

Previously, Jenna was the Director of Business Development at the multi-million dollar Blockchain Research Institute, conducting the definitive investigation of blockchain strategies, opportunities, and implementation challenges and funded by companies and governments worldwide.

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