From the Ideas That Change the World Symposium at Trent, The Education panel and their discussion on "The Value of a Liberal Arts Education."

Panelists include: 

Jennifer Dettman '88

Executive Director, Studio and Unscripted Content CBC

Maureen Loweth '76
Dean Centre for Business, George Brown College

Don Tapscott '66
Chancellor of Trent University

Justin Chiu '73
Executive Director, Cheung Kong Holdings Ltd., Hong Kong

Narrowly focused on the need for "technical" skills in a technological world, some commentators question whether the liberal arts have any significant enduring value. The members of our panel on "The Value of a Liberal Arts Education" bring grounded, real-world perspectives to the question of where such an education fits in society and the economy. What are the "big-picture" competencies required in the global arena? Just what are employers looking for when they consider new hirings or promotions? What does the research actually tell us about the value of experiential learning, "soft" skills, and communication abilities? Don’t burn your degree just yet.

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