Starting next season, we'll be having "Just the Music" and "Just the Lecture" mini-casts that will feature individual segments of the show.  "Just the Music" will feature interviews, new music, music from the Trent Radio archives and -- just maybe -- live music from the Trent Talks studio.

This week, the segment gets a trial run: 

A great interview with Nick Ferrio -- and some brand new music. We chat about his collaborations with The Weather Station, Evening Hymns, Julie Doiron, Gavin Bradley Gardiner (from The Wooden Sky); his upcoming gigs with The Lonely Parade; our mutual musical crushes on Dave Tough, the Silverhearts, and the Trent and Peterborough music scenes in general; the impact of Trent University academia on his songwriting; and his grizzly near death in the Trent Nature Areas.

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