Julia Caron '03 and Jonathan Pinto '06 are drive time hosts on CBC Radio.

 We talk about life in the hosting chair and the delicate art of broadcasting during the pandemic.

Julia is the host of Quebec AM. She's an award-winning journalist who is constantly seeking out and sharing captivating stories across the furthest reaches of the province.

Early on in her career with CBC, Julia firmly established herself as a natural storyteller and tenacious sleuth. She is perhaps best known for her obsession with history, and what we can learn about the present from our past. That is reflected in everything from her extensive knowledge of early photography and film all the way down to her vintage wardrobe. A voracious reader and art lover, you're likely to cross paths with Julia in libraries, art galleries and museums across Quebec. She frequently participates in local literary events and festivals in both official languages, and proudly calls herself a franglophone (yes, it's a thing).

Jonathan Pinto is the host of CBC Thunder Bay and CBC Subury's afternoon radio show on CBC Radio One, Up North.

Born and raised in Peterborough, Ontario, Jonathan fell in love with CBC Radio at the age of 14 while listening to CBC Toronto’s Here and Now. He appreciated how the accents and stories reflected his own parents, who are from India.

Over the last ten years with CBC, Jonathan has maintained an unwavering commitment to truth, accuracy and accountability. He has designed extensive online candidate guides to keep voters informed during municipal elections, and even climbed aboard a fishing boat to report on Canada’s largest freshwater fishery.

He started his career as a producer at CBC Toronto, and most recently was a reporter and guest host at CBC Windsor and CBC London’s Afternoon Drive. 

When Jonathan isn’t caring for his infant daughter, you can find him browsing local markets, sampling beloved eateries or cooking at home. He’s a self-professed food lover and is open to all must-try suggestions!


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