Trent University Business alumnus Jason Parsons is best known as the DJ and Hype Man for the band Ubiquitous Synergy Seeker (USS), where he performs under the name Human Kebab. But while he and bandmate Ashley Buchholz have garnered millions of Spotify streams, tens of thousands of likes on Facebook and toured all around the world over the past decade, the key to Mr. Parsons success has been as much about entrepreneurial spirit, career creativity, and keen business sense as it has music.

We previously talked to Jason a couple of years ago, when he took on the role of Trent Alumni Day of Service Ambassador.

"Trent Voices caught up with The Human Kebab via Skype for a conversation that ranged from the serious to the silly: from the origins of his unique stage name to jamming with Maestro Fresh Wes to touring the world making music to the impact of his Trent experience. But what we kept returning to was the importance of community – in this case, both the USS and the Trent University ones."

You can find that interview here.

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