Jason “The Human Kebab” Parsons is DJ and Hype Man for Ubiquitous Synergy Seeker. On stage – when he’s not attached to his turntables – he’s a perpetual motion machine. On the mic he’s constantly urging the crowd to get into it – to really participate. His energy is infectious, which is definitely one of the aspects of the band that resonates with their legion of fans.

USS has been described as “a science experiment put to music” and they are, in a word, experimental. They mix elements of rock, hip hop, grunge, electronica, drum and bass, and more, creating a sound that is altogether their own. They are modern music in a blender.

#TrentVoices caught up with The Human Kebab via Skype for a conversation that ranged from the serious to the silly: from the origins of his unique stage name to jamming with Maestro Fresh Wes to touring the world making music to the impact of his Trent experience. But what we kept returning to was the importance of community – in this case, both the USS and the Trent University ones.

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