Trent Voices, the Trent Alumni Association podcast show, sat down with Trent University president and vice-chancellor Dr. Leo Groarke for a special conversation about the impact of COVID-19 on Trent, universities across Canada, and post-secondary education.

During the interview, Prof. Groarke talked about Trent's response to the pandemic -- from the provincial shutdown in March through to the reopening of campus for the 2020 academic year. He also discusses how COVID-19 has and will continue to affect Canadian universities and university education. It's a unique glimpse into what goes into leading a university through a global emergency, with all of the complications that a busy campus community represent, including budgets, housing, live lab experiments, international students, the need to continue the academic year in progress, and a launch of new, safe academic year.

The interview took place as part of Trent University's 2020 virtual Homecoming celebrations and originally aired during a special Trent Radio Alumni Homecoming Broadcast.

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